Release time: 2019 - 03 - 08
Serial numberproject nameinvestmentstatus01Shanghai Hualin Industrial Gas Co., Ltd.Cogeneration Separation and Purification CO and H2 Plant Expansion Project (Phase III) Project Application Report270 million yuancarry out02Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone Shuchi Container (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Industrial Packaging Project (Phase III)Project application report2.1 billion yuancarry out03Shanghai Hao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.Shanghai Qiu Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Huashui Phase II ProjectProject application report2.2 billion yuancarry out04Shanghai Hao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.Shanghai Hao Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Industrial Water Plant ProjectFeasibility study report270 million yuancarry out05Henkel Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. annual production of 140,000 tons of automotive, general indust...
Release time: 2019 - 03 - 08
Service Scope: Planning of Coal Chemical Industry Park in Beihu Industrial Zone, WuhanContracting mode: preliminary design depth of coal tar deep processing planningProject time: May 2012, December 2012Design features: The high-value-added coal tar downstream product of 10.7 billion output value was planned for Beihu Industrial Park, breaking the traditional technology of coal tar and winning high praise from users.
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