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    Gu Xiulian, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress, Lu Aihua, Vice Director of the Raw Materials Industry Department of the Ministry of Health, Industry and Information Technology (at the Bureau level), Wang Siqiang, Director of Energy Conservation and Science and Technology Equipment Department of the State Energy Administration, and other relevant government departments attended the opening ceremony of the forum and made speeches. Fu, Vice-Chairman of the China Federation of Petroleum and Chemical Industries, was also the vice-chairman of the forum. Making a keynote speech to Sheng. Xie Kechang, former vice president and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Liu Zhongmin, director of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of ...
This week (3.11-3.15, the same below), domestic coal chemical products were mainly down, mainly due to the fact that the terminal was affected by environmental protection during the two sessions, the operating rate was not high, and sales were not warm.In terms of deep processing of coal tar, the downstream buying and selling atmosphere of coal tar is light, but the market supply is declining. The recent inventory decline is gradually decreasing. The market may stabilize and stabilize. In the long-term, there may be a rebound. Other small oil products are weak based on terminal demand, or still Will continue to be weak.In terms of pure benzene, the recent low center of gravity, hydrogenated benzene continued to decline due to suppression, low hydrogenated benzene also impacted the pure benzene market, and the negative pressures were mutually suppressed, and the subsequent market remained bearish, with higher resistance, or continued to weaken.The price of the product is as follows:Ammonium sulphate: This week, the ammonium sulphate market continued to rise, and the market trading gradually warmed up. The bidding price pushed up, especially in the Shanxi area, which was generally above 500 yuan/ton. The follow-up offer of the coke enterprises followed suit, and the downstream market enthusiasm increased.Recently, the compound fertilizer enterprises started to improve, and the weather turned warmer. The spring ploughing began one after another, and the terminal fertilizer peak gradually came. The market just needed to increase, the trading volume was enlarged, and the urea market continued to rise in the near future. To some extent, it also supported the market trend of ammonium sulfate. .However, the demand in the foreign market is still rising slowly. The pellet manufacturers have just entered the market to maintain their immediate needs. The internal products have increased or the pressure has increased, and the market focus has gradually moved down. In the later p...
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Basic analysis of coal chemical industryThe main industrial chain of coal chemical industry includes coal-synthetic ammonia-urea, coal-methanol-propylene/ethylene, coal-based ethylene glycol and so on. These end products are not only coal chemical, but also a product of the oil and gas chemical industry chain. In the case of rising oil prices and gas prices, coal prices are not booming during the peak season, and the price gap between the two continues to be deductive. The cost advantage of coal chemical industry will continue to be highlighted. In addition, based on China's energy endowment of “rich coal, lean oil and less gas”, and the pressure of importing large quantities of crude oil and natural gas for foreign exchange reserves, the strategic position of coal chemical industry is indispensable, and its importance is expected to be improved. It is foreseeable that if the international oil price continues to remain high in the next few years, the coal chemical industry will maintain a long-term prosperity.Coal chemical economy is becoming more and more prominentWith the return of international oil prices to high levels, the economics of coal chemical industry has become more prominent. According to the statistics of China Coal Chemical Industry Development Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report released by Prospective Industry Research Institute, listed companies in the industry have achieved remarkable results since 2018. The total net profit of 48 coal chemical concept stocks in the first half of 2018 was 23.444 billion yuan, an increase of 9.379 billion yuan over the same period of the previous year, an increase of 66.68%. This is also the best performance of the coal chemical sector in the same period in the past five years.Environmental remediation and supply-side reforms have raised the threshold for the coal chemical industryCoal chemical industry involves high pollution, and coal is also one of the important raw materials for ove...
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In 2016, it became a turning point in the modern coal chemical industry. The Ministry of Environmental Protection approved the environmental impact report of six modern coal chemical projects, and the same period in 2015 was an embarrassing “zero approval”. Specifically, in the six projects approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2016, including the 1.8 million tons/year coal-to-oil project in Chang'an, Shanxi, and the indirect liquefaction demonstration of 2 million tons/year of coal in Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal-to-Liquid Co., Ltd. The project has a total of 2 coal-to-liquids projects; including CNOOC Datong 4 billion cubic meters/year coal gas project, Suxin Energy and Feng Co., Ltd. 4 billion standard/year coal-to-gas project, Inner Mongolia North Control 4 billion cubic meters per year. The gas project has a total of 3 coal-to-gas projects; and 1 coal-to-olefins project, namely, China Power Investment and Total Joint Venture with an annual output of 800,000 tons/year of coal-based polyolefin project.Source of data: public information  Since the second half of 2016, the prosperity of the coal chemical industry has ushered in an upward turning point. First, international crude oil prices have risen more than 80% from the lowest value of 27.79 yuan per barrel in early 2016. Under the background of the upward shift of the crude oil price center, some coal chemical projects have shown their better economic performance. On the other hand, policy dividends, including the opening of the EIA, have continued. Recently, the news that the state decided to exempt the coal-to-liquids demonstration project from the five-year consumption tax also reflects China's supportive attitude towards the modern coal chemical industry.Data source: public information, Zhiyan consultingUnit cost structure of coal-to-liquids demonstration projectData source: public information, Zhiyan consultingCoal-to-oil project tax and post-tax profit relationship diagramSourc...
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Although after the '12th Five-Year Plan' coal chemical development boom, but the coal chemical industry is still differently debated. At the 2015 China (Ordos) International Coal Chemical Development Forum and Exhibition held today, Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress, called for further clarification of the strategic position of the coal chemical industry, and included modern coal chemical industry as a key industry. Three-five plan.Gu Xiulian pointed out that people's understanding of coal chemical industry is not yet unified, there is controversy, and to develop an industry must have a national level of planning and layout, so it is important to define the important strategic position of coal chemical industry and to formulate industry plans for future development. .“The development of coal chemical industry has indeed reached an important time node,” Li Yongwu, president of the Third Council of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, sighed at the annual meeting of the Coal Chemical Industry Committee of the China Petrochemical Federation held last night. At the beginning of the chemical industry, it has encountered many difficulties such as the falling of oil prices, the new normal of China's economy, and the de-capacity of the industry. 'The problem that cannot be avoided now is whether modern coal chemical industry should develop or not. How to develop?' It is certain that Li Yongwu hopes that the Coal Chemical Industry Committee can formulate an industry white paper to rationally think about the current deep drop in oil prices, solve the problem of strategic understanding and positioning, and provide policy advice to the country, “do a good overall plan, not a Problems in the city, a province, and a region.'For the further development of modern coal chemical industry, Li Yongwu gave five suggestions at the opening ceremony of today's forum. First, we must...
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In recent years, China's modern coal chemical industry has made positive progress and outstanding achievements in terms of industrial scale and technological innovation. It has highlighted four major characteristics, namely, the continuous growth of industrial scale and the realization of safe and stable demonstration projects. Long-term operation, demonstration project energy consumption, water consumption and “three wastes” emissions have been declining, and technological innovation has achieved a number of new results.Four major characteristics in the development of coal chemical industry:First, the scale of the industry continues to grow. Since the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, especially during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, modern coal chemical projects with coal-to-liquid, coal-to-olefin, coal-based ethylene glycol and coal-based gas have all opened up the process, and the industrial scale is steadily increase.According to statistics, as of the end of September this year, China's coal-to-liquids production capacity was 9.21 million tons/year, coal-to-natural gas production capacity was 5.105 billion cubic meters/year, coal-to-olefin production capacity was 8.72 million tons/year, and coal-to-ethylene glycol production capacity was 3.47 million tons/ In the year, it increased by 214.3%, 64.4%, 69.6%, and 50.9% respectively from the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan. The continuous growth of modern coal chemical industry has laid a solid foundation for the clean and efficient use of coal.Second, the demonstration project basically achieved safety, stability, and long-term operation. By optimizing the process technology and improving the management level, the demonstration project operation is becoming more and more mature. Shenhua Ning Coal's 4 million tons/year coal indirect liquefaction project has completed the whole process of the process since the end of 2016, and the oil line AB line is fully loaded at the end of 2017. Currently, the ...
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