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This week, domestic coal chemical products prices fell mainly

Date: 2019-03-18
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This week (3.11-3.15, the same below), domestic coal chemical products were mainly down, mainly due to the fact that the terminal was affected by environmental protection during the two sessions, the operating rate was not high, and sales were not warm.

In terms of deep processing of coal tar, the downstream buying and selling atmosphere of coal tar is light, but the market supply is declining. The recent inventory decline is gradually decreasing. The market may stabilize and stabilize. In the long-term, there may be a rebound. Other small oil products are weak based on terminal demand, or still Will continue to be weak.

In terms of pure benzene, the recent low center of gravity, hydrogenated benzene continued to decline due to suppression, low hydrogenated benzene also impacted the pure benzene market, and the negative pressures were mutually suppressed, and the subsequent market remained bearish, with higher resistance, or continued to weaken.

The price of the product is as follows:

Ammonium sulphate: This week, the ammonium sulphate market continued to rise, and the market trading gradually warmed up. The bidding price pushed up, especially in the Shanxi area, which was generally above 500 yuan/ton. The follow-up offer of the coke enterprises followed suit, and the downstream market enthusiasm increased.

Recently, the compound fertilizer enterprises started to improve, and the weather turned warmer. The spring ploughing began one after another, and the terminal fertilizer peak gradually came. The market just needed to increase, the trading volume was enlarged, and the urea market continued to rise in the near future. To some extent, it also supported the market trend of ammonium sulfate. .

However, the demand in the foreign market is still rising slowly. The pellet manufacturers have just entered the market to maintain their immediate needs. The internal products have increased or the pressure has increased, and the market focus has gradually moved down. In the later period, the domestic market demand is slowly increasing, the market is still favorable, and the market may continue to advance slowly.

Washing oil: This week, the washing oil market was partially sporadic, the raw materials were under pressure, the downstream buying gas was insufficient, the high level declined, and the mainstream trading range fluctuated within a narrow range. Shandong oil washing business talks mainly, manufacturers are now reporting more than 3600-3800 yuan / ton; washing benzene plant dosage is stable, refined washing oil price is about 4000-4200 yuan / ton.

On the positive side of this week, first, the international crude oil price fluctuated upward. As the temperature rose, the demand for engineering oil and fuel oil increased. Second, the operating rate of coal tar deep processing decreased, and the supply of washing oil decreased.

In the bearish side, raw coal tar prices have fallen and market demand has been weak. Environmental protection has increased, and demand in the downstream dye industry has recovered slowly.

In summary, this week's washing oil market is intertwined, but although the price increase is not large, there is no pressure on shipment, and the overall market sales are good.

In the market outlook, the recent coal tar turnover is not good, or the auction or price decline. However, the operating rate of coal tar deep processing fell, Shandong Jinneng plans to overhaul in mid-March, WISCO shutdown, Shanxi Jinyuan overhaul, market supply declined, supply tends to be tight, and the market outlook for washing oil is expected to fluctuate.

Oyster sauce: This week, the antimony oil market has stabilized and weakened, because the upstream coal tar has fluctuated and fell, and the cost has been delayed. However, based on the phenomenon of upside down of the oyster sauce and the general supply side, the manufacturers have a certain price hike, so this period of oyster sauce The market is still stable, and the locals are slightly weaker.

As of March 15th, Anyang Iron and Steel Auction sold at 3120 yuan / ton, down 150 yuan / ton from last week, the signs of decline began to become obvious, the surrounding market was affected by this, the stable situation broke, or opened down. At present, the market focus is about 3150-3300 yuan / ton, the local low is around 2700-2900 yuan / ton, the overall performance is not good.

Since the beginning of this week, coal tar has been frequently shot, even if the transaction is close to the low level, the cost side is negative. The downstream carbon black market is flat. As the raw materials are lower, the negotiations are mostly biased towards the low level, and the terminal market is unlikely to improve. Recently, the trend of carbon black is much lower.

However, as the deep processing starts to decrease, the supply of oyster sauce is reduced and the profit is good. On the whole, both the upstream and downstream are bearish, but the positive signal is released on the supply side, and the next round of the oil market is expected to stabilize.

Coal tar pitch: This week, the trend of coal tar pitch field is down, the atmosphere of downstream purchase and sale is light, the price of raw materials is falling, the price of coal tar pitch is pervasive, and the price is falling. The ex-factory price of modified coal tar is mostly negotiated between 3,700-3,800 yuan/ton, and the medium-temperature coal tar is mostly negotiated between 3,300-3,500 yuan/ton.

Affected by environmental factors, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and surrounding areas have stopped production, and the environmental protection group is densely stationed. The downstream is more cautious in production, the purchase and sales are weakened, and the market operation is deserted.

In terms of market outlook, it is reported that the needle-like coke production enterprises are concentrated in March-May, and there is a certain support for coal tar pitch. In addition, Shandong Jinneng plans to overhaul in mid-March, WISCO shutdown, Shanxi Jinyuan overhaul, market supply declines, and recent inventory decline gradually. Decrease, the market may stabilize or stabilize, and there may be a rebound in the long-term.

Industrial naphthalene: In recent days, the industrial naphthalene market has fallen for three consecutive weeks. Taking the East China market as an example, it dropped from the high of 5,000 yuan/ton at the end of February to the current 4,550 yuan/ton, a drop of 450 yuan/ton. The mainstream price is 4250-4550 yuan / ton. With the price drop of naphthalene and the operation of other deep-processed products are also unsatisfactory, the profits of the manufacturers are narrowed and they are on the verge of loss.

Due to the sluggish market, the enthusiasm for the start-up of the factory is insufficient. In addition, the traditional maintenance period of 3-4 months, the overall start of the decline in the field, the follow-up supply will be reduced, and the support of the goods will be able to usher in the turn.

The upstream coal tar continued to fall, and the trading atmosphere was glued. The price of the main camp was around 3,200 yuan/ton. The downstream is difficult to say whether it is deep processing or carbon black. The market outlook is weak.

The downstream phthalic anhydride is weak, and based on the weak demand of the terminal, there is still some profit, and the demand side is negative. However, the continuous decline has not improved the turnover, and manufacturers have maintained a certain price mentality.

In summary, it is expected that the next industrial naphthalene market will be oscillated and operated.

Coal tar: This week, the coal tar market is weakly declining, and the decline in each region is mostly around RMB 100/ton.

During the two sessions, the downstream was affected by environmental protection, the operating rate was not high, and the demand was not smooth, which led to a weak downturn in the coal tar market.

This week, the coal tar pitch market was flat and the terminal was also affected by environmental factors. The downstream production in Hebei, Henan, Shandong and surrounding areas was discontinued. The market operation was deserted, the carbon black market was slow to pick up, the carbon black supply was excessive, and the market competition was fierce. Small oil products have stabilized downwards and have also declined to varying degrees. Therefore, in the case of downstream and terminal operation, coal tar prices are falling.

The coal tar market has been maintaining a weak position in the near future. Part of the reason depends on environmental factors.

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